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Cubist Living

A multi-level residence with spectacular views

This was one of my favourite houses to shoot last year. With it’s simple clean lines and cubist look, I thought I was somewhere in the mediterranean. It was a bright summer day when I arrived to shoot it and for a brief moment, I forget I was actually in the west of Ireland.

This family house in Co Galway was build on the site of an old bungalow. It’s in a beautiful location, overlooking Galway Bay and a stones throw from the city. There is room for parking at the front and a large garden to the rear.

On first entering the house, you have the choice to go upstairs or downstairs. From the front, it looks like a two storey house while at the back it appears to be three stories. Inside, it actually has five different levels.Galway house

This split level design may seem complicated but it quite easy to find your way around. The short stairs between the levels, comprised of glass balustrades and wooden slats are very open, bright and airy.The layouts are minimalist and access to each floor very straightforward.

Downstairs is the open-plan living area. A large room where you can cook, dine and chill out. Large sliding doors open out onto the spacious garden. On the level up, there is an office and bathroom and above that, a stunning living room with a view of the sea which is equal to none. Another bedroom with ensuite and walk-in closet on the same level offers the same stunning views.

On the fourth floor are more bedrooms and a bathroom while the top floor consists of guest quarters. The guest bedroom has a balcony, which allows guests to enjoy the views out over Galway bay.
The windows at the front of the house are tinted which affords some privacy. There are no utilities visible around the house as they have been all build into the structure.

The colour scheme inside matches the exterior and is mostly white. This gives it a nice, modern look. This is complimented by some colourful, funky features and fixtures. The oak floors throughout add to the warmth and openness of the house. Recessed lighting throughout the house adds to the minimalist feel. All in all, a beautiful home with a very friendly family living there.

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