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Hot Yoga Shoot

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I had a very enjoyable photoshoot recently. Barry from Dynamic Hot Yoga has opened a new studio in Castlebar and wanted some Hot yogaimages for online use and promotional literature. The brief was to get some profile shots of him and Noreen, who teaches there as well.

I arrived early because it’s the right thing to do and I wanted to try out my new Godox AD360 light for the profile photos. The studio was already getting pretty warm. It heats up to about 40º for the hot yoga class.

The Godox is a totally manual light that doesn’t do TTL. Its simple and minimal controls make it extremely easy to use. It fires wirelessly via a flash trigger mounted on your camera that allows you to control the power.

I set up the light in a 37″ diffused octabox at a 45º angle to the subject and slightly higher. Barry and Noreen were relaxed and really easy to work with. We first shot a few straightforward profile shots and then decided to capture some photos of them in yoga poses.

The light was soft and wrapped beautifully around the subjects. Because it’s fully manual, you are in total control so it didn’t take very long to set up the shots.

As the light was low, I had to open the aperture up and increase the ISO significantly. All in all, the shoot went very well and I was really happy with the results from my newest lighting setup. I’ll definitely be using it more in the future.

Hot yoga

As well as holding hot yoga classes, Bonco Wellness also teach hot pilates. They operate from Lakeside Retail Park, Claremorris and Moneen Retail Park in Castlebar. Check out their Facebook page here.

I will be writing more about this lighting setup in the following few months, so keep an eye out for it.
Thanks for reading this far.

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